Greek Courses

We offer different courses in Greek. If you don’t know any Greek at all, then you start with the beginner’s course. We also have courses for intermediate and advanced students. Our courses are available as group lessons, duo lessons or individual lessons.

Course information

Our courses are divided by level. The beginner’s course starts at A0, followed by A1 and A2. The intermediate course starts at B1 and ends at B2. The advanced course is indicated by C1 and C2.

Groups Day Time
Beginner's 1 (A0-A1) Tuesday 12.30-14.00
Beginner's 1 (A1.2) Tuesday 19.45-21.15
Beginner's 2 (A1.2) Wednesday 14.00-15.30
Beginner's 2 Wednesday 18.00-19:30
Level A2 Tuesday 18.00-19.30
Level A2 Wednesday 18.00-19.30
Level B1 Monday 18.00-19.30
Level B1 Tuesday 10.30-12.00 every other waek
Level B1 Thursday 18.00-19:30
C1 Level Wednesday 19.30-21.00

Beginners 1 (A1) -Beginners 2 (A1.2)

Course for Beginners: With this basic course we start by learning the Greek alphabet, its writing and pronunciation.

Level A2


Level B1-Level B2

Level C1-Level C2