English Courses

The English language belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and more specifically to the branch of West-Germanic languages. It is estimated that worldwide around 335 million people use English as their native language, while another 505 million people use it as their second language. Therefore it is important to learn English. 

Course information

Each student has his/her own pace in learning a language. Would you like to improve your speaking skills or your writing skills? The teacher will work with you closely so that you get a better grasp of certain aspects of the English language. The teaching materials and content of the English lessons are tailored to your needs, pace and circumstances as much as possible.

Our programs

  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Online lessons
  • Preparation for exams: IELTS TOEFL
  • Business Engels courses
  • In-Company courses
  • English for children

We offer private lessons for all levels. If you are interested in taking specialized, tailor-made English lessons, please contact us and we can discuss how we can help.